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Inner Healing Beauty

is a place

where you enter the realm of... 

Tranquility & Transformation Soul MInd Body Beauty Wellness

Nestled in the Historic Town of East Greenwich, Rhode Island on Greenwich Bay


Soul Mind Body Wellness remedies... 

After 40 years, Inner Healing Beauty was born out of love to inspire, transform, and empower you with treatments, sessions, plans and programs that enable you to become your best version of you.

With an holistic meaning all of you that completes your whole being, I offer an organic natural approach to your health, wellness and beauty, Inner Healing Beauty specializes in holistic esthetics and wellness. The outer beauty as well as the inside beauty. Extraordinary skills in blending cutting edge technology, innovative, organic skin care products and professional treatments and alternative natural healing, skincare classes, private personal coaching, group coaching and private readings, to balance your Soul Mind Body for a healthier, happier, you with Divine Love.

Skin Care

The practice of esthetics consists of more than just facials.

When we look at the skin, it reveils what is going on inside the body as well as on the surface.

The focus at Inner Healing Beauty is providing remedies to common dermatological problems that we can see such as acne, sun damage, lifting, brightening, and tightening. We offer advanced technology such as micro current, micro needling, galvanic, microdermabrasion, ultrasound, IPL and much more.

Clients enjoy a relaxing and soothing nurturing atmosphere so they can receive the results & inner peace, rest & relaxation for their soul, mind, body and all while restoring, rejuvenating, repairing, and renewing their skin & their body into alignment with alternative healing methods such as Reiki and Chakra Clearing to balance the soul, mind, body and heart.

Even though the body appears to be a material object, in reality it is a field of energy, transformation, and intelligence. When we look beyond the molecules that make up the matter of the body, we see fields of energy. Clients often remark on its effectiveness in enlightening their outlook on life's daily. Benefits from a Chakra Balancing release physical emotional pain from past experiences that get stuck in the subtle body. Experience more vitality. Shift energy around deeply rooted behaviors, helping you break free of old conditioned patterns. Enliven your intelligence, allowing you to bloom into your full potential.

A Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It is administered by "laying on hands" and is based that an unseen " life force energy " flows through us and is what causes us to be alive. Reiki is a form of alternative medicine developed in 1922. Reiki is a spiritual healing art. the word Reiki comes from the Japanese word (Rei) which means "Universal Life" and (Ki) means "Energy". Reiki is not affiliated with any particular religion or religious practice.

With all of the fake and over processed materials the world offers the modern citizen, a return to nature is often long overdue. The average person spends most of their day sitting in traffic, behind a desk, or watching television. Those acts can build up stress in the body and mind leading to unforeseen consequences. Finding an outlet to remove the unwanted toxins is important to a healthy soul, mind and body.

Inner Healing Beauty was born...

to provide alternative healing wellness services soul, mind, body and create a Love Peace Harmony Movement Center . The holistic approach to healing uses a person's natural relation to nature to balance and unlock the body's inner healing mechanisms that become blocked throughout the day to day. Life stress creates imbalances that need an outlet to be corrected.

Facial and Body treatments, when performed, should not only rejuvenate the skin and body but empower the client with a sense of renewal for the Soul Mind Body and Heart.

All too often the little things are neglected because life is too busy. But people who make the time to heal and recuperate reap the rewards, why not you?

Reiki and Chakra balancing are important piece of the Inner Healing Beauty Wellness Program

to restore the body's natural flow of energy and allow the self-healing power to run its course. It is perfect for those people experiencing stress, chronic pain or anxiety, depression, out of alignment and so much more.

"Decades of experience, education, insight, wisdom, and knowledge to treat the underlying cause of these imbalances , pain, inflammation and what no longer serves you, says Donna Muccino, (esthetician, cosmetologist, massage therapist, reflexologist, reiki master, intuitive medium, Divine Channel and wellness coach) it's amazing how empowering we become when we move past our blocked energy".

Relax Your Mind

"Soul Mind Body Wellness." That is the motto Inner Healing Beauty lives by.

In a synthetic world connected by wires and screens, finding time to connect to oneself is becoming more and more important. To heal, don't look outward, look inward. The power to fight off any of life's challenges is inside of everyone.

The trick is knowing how to unleash it.

Divine Healing Hands Soul Healer Donna Muccino offers healings, blessings and life transformations in all areas of life.


Inner Healing Beauty.

Experience Divine Blessing, Healing, and Life Transformation

Divine Healing Hands is a Divine Soul Power sacred transmission from the Divine and Tao.

As a Divine Healing Hands Soul Healer, I received permanent healing and blessing sacred treasures from the Divine and Tao to heal all of humanity, animals and nature.

I am deeply honored and deeply grateful. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Divine, Tao and Dr Master Sha.

These treasures carry Divine and Tao frequency and vibration which can transform the frequency and vibration of your health, relationships, finances, intelligence, and more.

These treasures also carry Divine and Tao love, which melts all blockages and transform all life.

These treasures carry Divine and Tao forgiveness, which brings inner joy and inner peace.

These treasures carry Divine and Tao compassion, which boosts energy, stamina, vitality, and immunity.

These treasure carry Divine and Tao light, which heals, prevents sickness, purifies and rejuvenates soul, heart, mind, and body, and transforms relationships, finances, and every aspect of life.

"Heal and transform the Soul first; then healing and transformation of every aspect of life will follow". -Master 

Zhi Gang Sha.

I am here, to lovingly share with you, what my mission is after surviving my own near death experience and I was miraculously saved by my sister Sandra Dee that changed my life forever. I was saved to teach you to heal your body, in order to heal your life. And when you heal, and you will, you will become empowered, happier, and healthier.

Allow your inner being, that inner voice that is talking to you, to be heard. You know that inner voice that you can't ignore. That voice is your soul and the boss of your body. You can heal from past traumas and past relationships, financial problems, weight management. and much more.

It's that inner beauty that we sometimes forget about that heals the soul.

Take yourself on a voyage with any one of our healing sessions, services, or sacred indulgences that enhance, empower and encourage your healing process. 

Find out what your soul is trying to tell you with just one coaching session.

"It is my calling to learn, grow and teach you how you can be your best you that exceeds your expectations."

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