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Emotions, Behaviors and Chakras

Posted on 8 March, 2016 at 9:25 Comments comments (14036)

Let's talk about just one of your chakras. Your Root Chakra.

I get this question all the time,  "How do I know when my Chakras are out of balance? And the answer is simple. You, only you,  know how you feel. It is your body and you feel everything itside of your body, right?  But being more "aware" of how you feel, is your true inner guidance system that let's you know.

Whether it's pain or pleasure. Those aches, those inflammations, your emotions, your behavior, are your bodies way of telling you what the is going on within your body. They are your indicators, your signs, your triggers that something else is going on within your body that needs to be released in order for your energy, Chi, Prana to flow smoothly. and you get to feel like a butterfly again. It is transformational.

The Chakras are energy fields within our body. Your emotions and your behaviors reveal if your Chakras are blocked. Usually we will have al least two of them closed. Sometimes, just being around negative people can close your chakras. This is extremely helpful information for you to know. I want to share this information with you as it has helped my clients and myself move through life changing health and happiness.

The root chakra which is your first chakra is all about security, family, money, support, stability, being grounded, feeling safe.  If you are fearful, fear of the past/future, feel numb, financial insecurity, greedy, blame game, discouraged, burdened, addictions, inability to accept change, nervous, unable to let go of old ideas, rage, sexual pleasure, tension, unbalanced life, ungrounded, materialistic,  old resentment, past anger, long carried hatred, can't get convinced, no integrity, guilt, could have a blocked Root Chakra.

Our Root Chakra is foundation. Like the roots of a willow tree with it's roots deeply planted in deep in the soil where it feel stronly rooted, safe, strong, supported. The wind can blow the leaves ever so so nice but it's roots are firmly planted in order to grow.

How does your Root Chakra feel now with this little information? If you feel you may need some help, I am here to support you and guide you.

My learning about how I could heal my own body lead me " up the path" into the natural healing arts where I studied. After my car accident in 1978, I mirculously woke up months later by the help of my sister who had past away prior to my car accident, from cystic fibrosis, with many physical problems that I would have to deal with for the rest of my life. I would have a dislocated hip, broken pelvis, broken tailbone etc.Talk about a blocked Root Chakra!

We will just talk about the Root Chakra now but you can see how physical injuries in the body relate to the "real picture" as to what is really going on in your life at that time. For me, I was feeling at the time, no support from my family, I was fearful, I was a young mom, ungrounded, I was trying to numb my own pain.

I heal the pain, triggers, emotions and behaviors with natural healing modalities that will transform you. A healhier, happier you awaits! 

I now specialize in what I experienced a mirculous healing through Energy Medicine with Reiki, Balancing Chakras using Crystals that has been life changing for me and can work for you too.

Next post we will talk about your Sacral Chakra.

Any comments, suggestions, and questions are welcomed.


Divinly guided by light and love to you!